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Kind words from just a few of our clients

Academic Breakthrough


My daughter was honestly at rock bottom. She'd given up and I didn't know where else to turn. She wouldn't leave her toom, let alone the house.


It sounds ridiculous to write this, but Claire was honestly like our fairy god mother. She was paitient, firm and kind. She never gave up.


My daughter quickly went from dreading the doorbell ringing to looking forward to her tutoring sessions.


In 3 weeks, Claire had her laughing, joking, reading and writing. In the space of a term, she had her reading aloud and trying GCSE questions.

My daughter hasn't ready aloud to anyone since she was 7, and she hadn't ever shown any interest in GCSE's before SENse Support became involved.


I can finally see a future for her.


I just wanted to thank you for your advice and guidance about securing a free private ASD/ADHD assessment for my son.

My GP has organised the referral today and I never would have known this was even an option available to us had it not been for SENse Support workng with us and guiding us through the assessment of need.

They know what they're talking about!

Expert Advice

Attendance Panel

Claire & Brad

We can't recommend this company enough. We've been so stressed out with the pressure of the last few years.

We've had so much advice but didn't know where to go with it all and were complete overwhelmed. SENse Support took control of everything and, within one week, we had our first win - the school attendance panel backing off because school wasn't meeting our son's needs.

We can see a positive future now. SENse support know their job inside out. The best service we ever had.

Martin & Mahe

SENse Support have been absolutely incredible in our son's SEN journey. Our son had been struggling at school for a while and we just didn't know where to turn.

Our SENCO has been so kind, understanding and helpful, with both the school and the Local Authority. She's really helped us bridge the gap between home and school, and provides that full circle of support he needs to thrive.

We wouldn't be where we are today without the amazing support from SENSe.

Full Circle of Support

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